Monday, August 31, 2009

South Node Aries

The South Node hold the emotional memories from our childhood and from the forgotten “emotional memory” of a past life. From the reincarnational perspective, these points show the particular emotional “hangover” from a previous life that is most impacting you in this life now. We do not usually remember facts from very early in life, nor do most of us remember our past lives, but what we do feel is an emotional tone—a lunar feeling—that something in our past is unresolved, like waking from an uncomfortable dream but not remembering the facts—and this is the unresolved issue that the South Node and the Moon in our birth chart describes. By bringing this to consciousness we can move into deepening and enriching our present story, by releasing these old patterns that no longer serve us now.

With your South Node in Aries, you’ve sharpened your reflexes for survival, and you know the rush of adrenaline as you begin a new project, speak your truth, or rise in the middle of the night to soothe a crying baby. In this life, as in a previous one, you’ve made yourself rise to the occasion when the need to act arises, as you’ve come to know the path of the warrior, the survivor, and the passionate pilgrim. You’ve had to go it alone many times, and courage has been instilled into you as you’ve “felt the fear, and did it anyway.”

Aries gives us the fuel to act and it arises out of many things: out of fear, anger, necessity, or simply for the experience of knowing “I did it myself.” We have seen the dragon, and we have lifted our sword….we won and lost many a battle, and it is the way we have survived.

In this life now, from the point of view of reincarnational/evolutionary astrology, it is time to look to the larger story—how does the attitude of survival and spiritual warriorship impact others? Sometimes it saves lives! Yes, but as a default pattern in this lifetime it also has been an overused pattern for you. Now it’s time to bring in the significant Others…to say, how can we do this together—without fighting or over-working? Can we bring in more Venus from the opposite sign of Libra? Can we relax a little of the Mars energy that fueled us before? Now you can ask yourself: Do I need to act first, and think later, or might I reflect more, and look elsewhere for a softer, more “Venus” response? Because Mars is the ruler of Aries, we look to the Venus response as the balancing factor. When we honor and balance the assertive with the receptive, we win.

How does this relate to Love? Aries Moon and Aries South Node know the world of passion, but love itself is bigger than passion, and sometimes less exciting. Love sabotages us when we act out of a passion that is overly dramatic and that has you as the only hero/heroine on stage. Love saves and heals when we call on the wisdom of our Aries courageousness and do what must be done without the competitive or adrenaline-laced attitude of an unhealed Aries attitude. Aries may be fueled by necessity, but the Aries Moon/South Node vision can be larger than the “every man for himself” attitude that is the low road for Arians.

The “emotional memory of love” for Aries South Node has a tinge of solitariness to it. Can it trust? Who will help it survive? At times, the Soul may have died alone—the family wasn’t gathered around the bedside, but you may have died on the battlefield or in the hospital bed waiting for the nurse that didn’t arrive in time. You know instinctively that you had to be quick and self-watchful to survive in the past—but now, with this in your past, you are called to develop the trust in others as well as trust in yourself. If you can pause in your reactivity long enough in this life (slow down that response to “fight of flight”!) you may find that loneliness turns into soul-nourishing solitude, and instead of dying, you find that the numinous “Other” was there all along.
Elizabeth Spring