Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scorpio South Node

The South Node in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, “Lord of the Underworld” and is the archetypal symbol of death and rebirth. Scorpio in this context has struggled to transform and be re-born like the phoenix, and somewhere in all that struggling has come an exhaustion and weariness of the spirit. Pluto is a planet ruling an intensely passionate sign, and the Scorpio storyline is often about the price it costs to come into one’s own power. Having your South Node here suggests that you can heal and regenerate yourself—and others—more skillfully than any other sign, but you can also be secretive, reflective, mysterious and sometimes revengeful or jealous. So this “South Node Scorpio often reflect the journey of coming into one’s own power the hard way.
South Node in Scorpio know the dark side of life; the areas that are taboo, and the horrific tragedies that befall humans. Tragedies leave scars in their wake, and though you’ve had great courage to look and survive these times, there’s a heaviness of spirit that often remains, as well as a suspiciousness and fear. This life is now one where you are being called to rethink your values, your priorities, and to allow the old ways of loving and being loved to “die and be reborn.”

There’s great gold in Scorpio’s shadowy inheritance---it has a hard won wisdom and occult knowledge that can serve you well when used right. But as always with Scorpio, there can be a tendency to see the “glass as half empty rather than half full” because of an intuitive awareness of what wasn’t “right” earlier in this life or in a former life. You may have paid too much attention to other people’s business rather than our own. You were—or are--the power behind the throne, or the one who “borrowed” another’s values, glory, money or husband. Your own yearning may have brought on drama and melodrama.

Now there’s a call to love and be loved from a different perspective. No more tragic love stories, no more battles for power, struggles for revenge, hidden agendas and all the stuff of great novels. Just peace. Negotiation. Serenity. That’s the movement that is called for with a Scorpio Moon or South Node. Your Soul needs a rest from trauma and melodrama—and you deserve it. There’s no need to sabotage or save in the realm of love, but instead to find ways that life can be sweeter and easier with those you love, and that comfort itself and the simple joys in life are often what makes life worth living.

 South Node in Scorpio holds the emotional memories from your childhood and from the forgotten “emotional memories” of past lives. From the reincarnational perspective, both these points show the particular emotional “hangover” that is most impacting you in this life now. We don’t usually remember “facts” from very early in life, nor do we usually remember our past lives. What we feel instead is an emotional undertone—a lunar feeling—that something in our Soul hurts—and that something in our past is unresolved. It’s like waking from an uncomfortable dream but not remembering the storyline—and this is the unresolved issue that the South Node in our birth chart describes. By describing some of this lunar story, we bring it into consciousness, and then we can move into changing our present life story, by recognizing the old patterns and emotions that no longer serve us now. We can learn to love and be loved differently.
~Elizabeth Spring www.elizabethspring.com http://NorthNodeAstrology.blogspot.com